Garden Maintenance Companies Stratford

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Many of us like the thought of having a garden -a little area where we can retreat after a hard day at work, or somewhere we can while away the hours at the weekend. But the reality is, very few of us have the time to give our gardens the attention that they truly deserve…. Read more »

National Training Awards 2010

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Darren Brough our Health, Safety & Operations Manager has been honoured with two prestigious National Training Awards in recognition of his outstanding contribution and commitment to training, learning and development in the workplace. He was presented with both a Regional National Training Award and a UK National Training Award at the West Midlands Regional Ceremony,… Read more »

Pigeon Deterrent Spikes Manchester

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In many areas of life it’s often the case that problems go unnoticed until something serious takes place, after which point an investigation into the issue is launched. Here at Total Bird Control, we’re committed to reducing the minor problems that pest birds cause before something more tragic takes place. Whether an industrial or commercial… Read more »

Ultraviolet Fly Killer Wolverhampton

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The presence of flies can be a nuisance to homes and businesses everywhere. Particularly within environments which contain food, the persistent return of unwelcome flies can become an annoying and frustrating problem. Businesses such as restaurants and pubs may face an ongoing battle, should insects continue to interrupt mealtimes for customers. Here at Pest Busters,… Read more »