Any kind of pest which invades your home is never pleasant. Despite the nasty thought of rodents or insects plaguing your personal living space, comes the frightening health implications. Pests such as rats can harbour diseases which can spread quickly if they are not swiftly removed. Here at Pest Busters, we rid your home of nasty pests quickly and effectively. Our knowledge and expertise enable us to use the most effective methods and techniques first time around, to ensure all trace of intruders are quickly eliminated, making our pest control Coventry one of the most reliable services around.

If you’re worried that you may have a rodent infestation, but are not sure what to look for, there are several signs which may point to the confirmation of a rodent problem. Look out for gnaw marks on doors and skirting boards, and droppings and footprints. If you are concerned about any possible rodent issue, then fear not, we can look over the area and establish if there are any traces of rodent activity. We’ll then be able to track down the cause and quickly and discreetly rid your home of any unwelcome visitors.

Insects, flies and birds can also be an issue in some household and commercial properties. We have a range of humane methods to prevent and eliminate such nuisances, such as fly screening and insecticidal sprays. A simple method of keeping insects at bay also includes regular cleaning and dusting. Our bird control systems include pigeon netting and avistrand bird wire, which all offer an effective solution to deter pesky birds.

For fast and reliable pest control Coventry, we at Pest Busters are perfect for the job. As we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you never need worry about having to tolerate pests in your home or business again.

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