Esme-Road-21-300x225This property had been vacant for many years and at some point a small window at the front of the building had become broken. This provided an access point into the building for pigeons.

The building had also previously sustained a leak in the roof, which resulted in the ceiling becoming damaged and provided pigeons with a place to roost.

Over time other parts of the ceiling had also become damaged, which resulted in the property becoming littered with pigeon droppings and nesting materials.

Health & SafetyDue to problems with the pigeons, a decision was made to remove the ceilings and debris in one go.

A full disinfectant spray was carried out prior to the work taking place, thus ensuring a safe working environment for our trained staff to carry out the required work.

The ceiling was then removed and all exposed droppings, nesting materials and waste was removed and disposed of via sealed skips for Health & Safety reasons.

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