Spotting a bird’s nest can fill families with delight – but what about when the inhabitants of a nest on your property are notorious pest birds?  

More specifically: should you be worried about nesting pigeons on your property? 

Pigeons have a reputation – and not entirely unfairly – as flying rats. As this is down to their propensity to spread disease, which, in itself, justifies any concerns you may have over finding a pigeon nest in your garden 

Can I move a pigeon nest? 

pigeons nesting in roof ukLike all wild birds, nesting pigeons are protected by the law and can only be moved in exceptional circumstances.  

It is considered an offence to move a nest during nesting season, which usually runs from spring through the summer.  

These same rules apply to pigeons, so if you have serious concerns it is essential to seek professional advice.  

Any attempt to move a bird’s nest should only be made when you are sure that  the fledglings have left and it is dormant. 

With pigeons, however, this can be trickier as they can often lay eggs three times throughout the summer and do not as a rule nest and lay eggs seasonally. This means that a nest could theoretically be in use year-round.  

Why should I be worried about nesting pigeons? 

The main concern people usually have relating to pigeons is the spread of disease. They have been linked to the spread of diseases such as histoplasmosis, which can cause serious lung problems, and salmonella.  

This is spread through contact with pigeon droppings – or breathing in airborne particles.  

Obviously when a pigeon is nesting close to the living area of your home, or in an area used for preparing or eating food this is more of a risk.  

Likewise, many homeowners will be unhappy to discover pigeons nesting in their roof due to concerns about the spread of disease.  

However, this is less of a problem if a pigeon’s nest has been found in your garden.  

Along with the risk of disease, pigeons’ pest bird status owes something to the noise and mess these birds bring with them. Pigeon droppings can cause a hazard on walkways, encourage weeds and moss to grow on roofs and look unsightly. They are also noisy birds, which, in numbers can cause a noise nuisance around your home.  

What should I do if pigeons are nesting on my property? 

If a nest is established in an area where there are no serious safety concerns you will need to allow the eggs to hatch and fledgling birds to leave before you take action 

It is always advisable to seek help from a pest bird control expert, such as Total Bird Control to ensure that you act within the law. The best way to prevent pigeons returning to the property is to put in place pigeon deterrents, such as spikes and netting, which can be done by Total Bird Control. 

If you are concerned about pigeons on your property or want to install pigeon deterrent measures please contact Total Bird Control.  

For more advice speak to:
Total Bird Control Birmingham, TBC Nationwide Office, Highfield Farm, Middle Ln, King’s Norton, Birmingham B38 0DX. Phone 0121 695 9076.

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