Solar panels can be an excellent investment into your home but be aware of the need for bird proofing to help protect your investment.  

Solar panels have grown rapidly in popularity over recent years and are a common sight on homes and commercial buildings – but they are also popular with the bird population.  

Solcar Panel Bird ProofingAs people become more aware of the need to make greener choices that will help to reduce the impact of our lives on the environment, solutions such as solar panels are becoming more popular. 

Solar panels allow the home owner or business owner to benefit from a clean, free, readily available energy source that will ultimately save them money.  

However, adding solar panels to your home costs money with the initial outlay often adding up to several thousands of pounds. Throughout the coming years this initial outlay will be offset but the solar panels need to be kept in good condition.     

While trees blocking the path of the sun to the panels can be one problem, roosting birds can be another, which is why bird proofing is an important consideration when installing solar panels. 

Why do you need bird proofing on solar panels? 

Bird proofing solutions for solar panelsDue to their usual location on rooftops, solar panels are inevitably going to catch the attention of inquisitive birds.  

But more than that, thanks to the design of solar panels they can provide a sheltered spot for birds to set up home, with the underneath of the panel proving a perfect place to roost 

While the warmth and shelter offered by solar panels is ideal for birds looking for a place to roost – it is less than ideal for property owners who have invested in a long-term green energy solution.  

Birds pose a problem to solar panels as they can damage the panels as well as the roof.  

Birds are also a threat to the cabling, panels and function of solar panel systems along with the usual problems associated with birds on your roof. These can include damage to masonry and blocked gutters.  

Then there is the issue of bird faeces on the panels and around the roof area, which as well as being unsightly can be a health hazard.  

Solar panel bird proofing has proved to be effective and is a good way of protecting your investment.  

Both bird spikes and bird netting have been proven to be effective in deterring birds from roosting at the sites of solar panels. 

With a low impact visually but working as an effective deterrent, bird proofing solar panels will help to protect your investment into the future. 

If you are considering investing in solar panels but are concerned about encouraging nesting birds, or if you already have panels on your property and have experienced problems with nuisance birds, Total Bird Control can help.  

With extensive experience in controlling problem birds, Total Bird Control can put in place solar panel bird proofing – and safely clear any mess that may have already been created.  

To find out more about solar panel bird proofing contact Total Bird Control.  


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