School-Talk1-300x224We were approached by a local Birmingham school to assist in some careers advice to pupils who attend the school.

They were looking for someone to represent our company to provide advice on the type of work we carry out and the different services we can offer Darren Brough our Operations/Health and Safety Manager went to the school to meet the teachers and pupils and did a presentation about The Busters Group.

Within the presentation he spoke to the children about the different types of pigeon proofing that can be carried out. Darren also explained why it is important to put such measures in place and the health & safety issues surrounding pigeons roosting and nesting on buildings.

The pupils were interested to know about the different equipment used while such work is carried out.

Pigeon-Debris-clearance-from-Mosque-roof-void2-300x225Darren also included in his presentation details on the other services we offer, such as Pest Control Services. They discussed the different baiting methods, the benefits of rodent control and why it is important to have this in place. We also explained how we carry out clearance works and needle picks, which are done by our trained specialist clearance team.

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