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Have seagull problems become worse over the past decade?

Seagull Pest Control UK

Over the past 10 years the problem with seagulls appears to have increased as these large birds get ever more confident.   In particular the last few years have seen an escalation of the problem with the need for bird control to take action becoming increasingly evident.  

Protect your home or business from unwanted visitors with bird

Bird netting services

Part of the battle in controlling pest birds on your property is deterring them from visiting in the first place and bird netting is ideal for this. If your property is in an area that has a problem with pest birds – or the potential for a problem – then taking preventative action makes sense. […]

What is bird trapping and how can it control pest

pigeon trapping

The ideal solution in controlling pest birds is to naturally encourage them to move away from the site but when a serious problem persists bird trapping may be the only option. There are occasions when birds do pose a serious risk to human health and in these cases landlords have no option but to act. […]

How can seagull spikes help with bird control?

Pest Birds and Seagulls on a table

Well known for their fearless ability to swoop in and steal food from the hands of tourists seagulls can be a real problem to food retailers and tourism spots throughout the year. Freshly served ice-cream cones, picnic sandwiches or fish and chips – these natural scavengers are not picky about the choice of foods and […]

Could pigeon droppings be damaging your roof?

Total Bird Control of Birmingham

The sight of birds sitting on the roof line of homes is not uncommon as they sit out their days near to an easy food supply but their droppings could actually be causing lasting problems.

What to do about sparrows nesting in your roof

Sparrow control and removal in Great Britain

The sparrow is a bird of contradictions – to start with this small and friendly-looking species is surprisingly tough and adept at scaring away other birds and dominating garden feeders. In addition despite being one of the most popular and recognisable birds in the British garden, it is actually in such a state of decline […]

Dealing with bird waste on walkways

Total Bird Control of Birmingham

Bird mess on public walkways can cause a serious problem as not only is it unpleasant to step in, left unchecked it can become a serious slip hazard.   Whether the walkway is privately owned and on a company’s grounds or a public access route, once the problem has been flagged up it really should […]

How to tell if a bird’s nest is being used

How to tell if a bird’s nest is being used

If your garden is blessed with trees there is every chance you might also be lucky enough to find birds choosing to make their homes in these – that is unless you want to cut a tree back or move it.

Talk at Local Birmingham School

Pigeon proofing in Birmingham - school talk

We were approached by a local Birmingham school to assist in some careers advice to pupils who attend the school. They were looking for someone to represent our company to provide advice on the type of work we carry out and the different services we can offer Darren Brough our Operations/Health and Safety Manager went […]