If you’ve ever spent much time in London where birds have become used to humans you will probably have noticed they can be quite a pest; bothering people while they eat as well as making areas unsightly with their droppings. At Total Bird Control we specialise in the implementation of bird proofing methods to rid your property of this problem, but apart from being a nuisance, can they actually damage the buildings they congregate on?

It will be obvious to you that bird fouling can prove incredibly unsightly to your property, a real problem regardless of whether it is a period building with historical or a commercial premises. There are also numerous health implications associated with bird excrement, with pigeons known to harbour 60 different diseases, the most common of which transmitted to humans being Chlamydophila psittati and Cryptococcus neoformans.
However, you may be surprised that bird excrement can also damage building surfaces irreversibly, with the potential to cause thousands of pounds worth of damage.

Bird excrement contains various acidic properties that when released, can scar the fabric of a building, and research has demonstrated that even after the bird droppings have been removed the corrosive effects can still continue. Buildings that are made from limestone or calciferous sandstone are most at risk from this sort of contamination.
At Total Bird Control there are various techniques we can use to avoid this problem. Bird netting is constructed from a nylon net fixed to a pre-tensioned wire rope frame, ensuring that birds cannot pass through while it is incredibly unpleasant for them to land on. Our netting solutions are most effective at stopping birds accessing recesses, alcoves and balconies.

Another method of proofing we employ is bird spikes, which are very effective in making surfaces difficult to perch on, such as ledges and window sills. We are conscious that bird spikes aren’t particularly attractive on the side of your building, which is why we strive to ensure the spikes we install are inconspicuous to reduce the aesthetic impact.

As well as bird netting and spikes we offer a variety of other services including seagull control and fouling removal and cleaning, so make Total Bird Control your first port-of-call for all of your bird proofing needs.Click here to get in touch with our professional and friendly team to discuss your requirements in greater detail.

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