Pest pigeons can be found in virtually every town centre, retail park or urban area across the UK. Where there is a proliferation of discarded foodstuff, pigeons congregate to feed off waste and roost, but this can lead to problems for property owners. Commercial businesses especially will find that customers are discouraged by unsightly premises which are heavily soiled by fouling and the visible presence of feral pigeons. If this sounds like a problem which is a little too close to home, Total Bird Control offer solutions. The most effective option available for your property could be pigeon spikes Birmingham.

As the name suggests, pigeon spikes are metal spikes which can be installed on flat surfaces on the roofs of taller buildings. When the pigeon or similar sized pest bird comes to land on the surface, the spikes prevent it from doing so by offering only pain and discomfort.

Not only does this mean that birds don’t congregate on and around your property during the day, it also prevents them from settling there during the night. Once they have settled and begun to roost/breed, it can be more difficult to deter pigeon populations from a property.

Here at Total Bird Control, we’ve considered every aspect of the solutions that we offer. One thing we recognised was the fact that bird spikes might be considered unsightly by property owners. Home owners or flat inhabitants might find that they ruin the aesthetics of the building, while commercial businesses might complain that custom was being affected.

Therefore the Total Bird Control team now supply and install pigeon spikes Birmingham and elsewhere which are specifically designed to be inconspicuous, discreet and aesthetically neutral. If you’re unsure about the effects of bird spikes mentioned here, either positive or negative, why not get in touch with a member of our helpful and professional team?

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