Listed buildings are protected from demolition as they are included in a statutory list of buildings that provide historical interest or special architectural value. Pest problems such as those that arise from birds can seriously compromise the beautiful and appealing nature of any listed building. To ensure your listed building remains in the best condition possible, our dedicated team specialise in bird control Londonhere at Total Bird Control.

Operating nationally, we have various methods of bird control designed to protect listed buildings across the UK from the damaging effects caused by birds, including:

Bird Spikes

• Installing bird spikes on your listed building acts as an effective deterrent as it makes the surface area unpleasant and difficult for birds to land on.

• They come in a variety of sizes and strengths to suit your requirements.

• We strive to reduce the appearance of spikes on your property through their inconspicuous style and design.

• Spikes are an ideal solution for irregular and uneven surfaces where other methods may not be possible.

Bird Wires and Netting

• Nylon netting can be installed to provide a barrier preventing birds from landing.

• Tensioned wire can be used in a similar manner to nylon netting; the wires provide an uncomfortable moving platform that deters birds.

• Both materials are incredibly resilient to damage.

Bird Trapping

In extreme cases where birds have gained access to the interior of your listed building, it will be necessary for us to carry out a bird trapping program. We use professional techniques designed to cause minimal stress to birds whilst avoiding unnecessary public attention. Our methods comply with all pest and bird control laws.

If your listed building has been invaded by birds, there is the possibility that the carpet within the building may have been damaged. To restore the treasured carpet within your listed building, employ the services of specialists providing carpet cleaning to ensure a professional job is carried out.

For further information about how we can eradicate the issue of bird problems in your listed buildings, don’t hesitate to contact our professional team here at Total Bird Control. We can advise you on the most appropriate methods of bird control London to suit your personal circumstances.

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