If you have problems with large groups of pigeons or gulls nesting on your property you might think that there’s nothing that can be done. Birds are after all able to fly out of reach when threatened and are so commonplace in urban areas that it’s tempting to simply ignore them. Unfortunately this can lead to various problems in the future, such as the poor health of those living nearby, soiling of property and various disturbances to everyday life. Thankfully there are companies which specialise in bird control Bristol and can help tackle the problem of nesting birds.

Here at Total Bird Control we use the most discreet techniques to deal with the problem of pest birds because we know what happens if breeding goes on unchecked. Pigeons are the main problem in this area. These birds multiply quickly and carry bacteria such as E-coli, Salmonella and others which can cause illness and diseases such as Ornithosis.

Pigeon faeces can cause respiratory problems for a building’s inhabitants in addition to various other illnesses if ingested or coming into contact with an open wound. Furthermore, pigeons have no problems living amongst their own dead, which can lead to guttering and drainage becoming blocked by dead birds and the build up of faecal matter.

At Total Bird Control we use spikes, netting, post and wire and trapping techniques to deter birds and control populations – all performed quickly and inconspicuously. We can offer solutions where competitors cannot, due to innovation and experience.

Our bird proofing services comprise a range of options which get rid of birds and stop them returning, therefore avoiding the various damage to buildings and noise disturbance that nesting birds cause. So remember, birds are not totally out of reach; services in bird control Bristol like those provided by Total Bird Control can provide permanent solutions.

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