Most of us have accepted the abundance of pigeons and other pest birds which congregate in and round urban areas nationwide. While unsightly and unpleasant, shoppers ignore birds as far as is possible. However, this is probably due to a lack of knowledge regarding the problems that pigeons cause, and property owners can’t afford to remain in the dark concerning the damage being done to their building. Here at Total Bird Control we operate in bird control Bristol and nationwide. This enables us to be in a position to offer useful information regarding just how harmful pest birds can be.

Here at Total Bird Control we maintain that dropping removal is absolutely essential for legal, hygiene and reputation related reasons. First and foremost, if there are pigeons nesting on your property then you’ll probably notice soiling of and damage to the building’s walls and any vehicle paintwork that comes into contact with droppings. Due to acid found in the faeces, paint can be damaged and wall surfaces can deteriorate.

This however is often the least disruptive consequence of an infestation. Droppings on the ground near your property could cause a member of the public to slip and fall, which, aside from the obvious harm to the individual, can occasionally lead to expensive lawsuits.

Higher up in the property and birds gaining access to the roof space can soil water tanks and air conditioning systems with their droppings. The health risks associated with this are extreme – droppings contain harmful bacterium such as E.Coli, and can pass on diseases such as Salmonella and Ornithosis.

The experienced team here at Total Bird Control can offer a dropping removal service which prevents these, and other associated issues from occurring. We will remove all waste quickly and discreetly, so that your home or business’ reputation doesn’t suffer. For these and accompanying bird control Bristol services, get in touch online or over the phone.

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