Birds can often pose a particular nuisance to many homes and businesses. Many people choose to tolerate such frustration, as they are unaware of the effective measures which can be taken. Here at Total Bird Control however, we can offer sanctuary from the unfortunate implications of unwelcome birds, with our wide range of bird control London methods. People everywhere can finally be free from the risks associated with their presence, and enjoy the benefits of a bird free environment.

There are numerous advantages to ensuring sufficient bird control methods are in place. The droppings of pigeons and gulls can spread diseases, such as Salmonella, E.Coli and Ornithosis, which can prove dangerous to anyone who may come into contact with them. The droppings also contain acid, which can cause damage to vehicles and buildings if left for any length of time. Air conditioning and ventilation systems can also become easily contaminated, leading to enhanced health risks.

Depending on the environment, and the specific problems which you are experiencing, you may find that some control measures are more beneficial than others.

Bird and pigeon netting prevent birds from passing through an area. Also highly unpleasant to land or perch upon, you will find that the implementation of such netting will soon lead to a significant decrease in bird presence.

Spikes and post and wire present an excellent solution for those looking to prevent birds from landing on a specific area. Their protrusive nature of spikes make the surface difficult and uncomfortable to land on, thus stopping roosting, whilst the tensioned wires provide a barrier to stop birds landing beneath, on the given surface.

With many more services, such as bird trapping and decontamination available, we at Total Bird Control can prevent and protect you and your property for good, with our effective bird control London.

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