It is very difficult to visit a city in the UK and not come into contact with a pigeon – we have all witnessed the kids running after them and adults ducking out of their way as they fly a few inches above their head. Unfortunately, in some areas they have become such a problem that local authorities have had to take drastic measures to control the bird population. Part of the Busters Group, we at Total Bird Control are able to offer a multitude of solutions for bird control London.

Not only can pigeons, sea gulls and other birds be a real annoyance in some areas, they could also damage buildings, their droppings and the fact that they can carry insects make them unhygienic, they can be noisy and they could affect the reputation of certain businesses.

We offer four main types of bird control systems; bird spikes, netting, decontamination and traps. Following an extensive survey and risk assessment, we will suggest the most suitable solution for the area and then we will install the system into the location.

Our most popular solutions are spikes, wires and netting; Bird spikes are steel projections that prevent pigeons from occupying ledges and other areas on a building. These are available in a selection of sizes, dependent upon the species of bird that is a problem in the area.

Our wire systems are installed above areas where a bird is likely to roost, preventing them from landing on the surface. Similarly, netting prevents birds from landing on the roof of a building or popular landing sites by stopping them from accessing the area.

If the prevalence of pigeons or any other variety of bird has been causing problems for your business, contact us to discuss the bird control London systems available to you. Our friendly team can be contacted by telephone or by filling out our contact form.

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