Bird problems in urban areas are a common occurrence and the amount of damage they can cause, public health and safety issues they create and cleaning and maintenance costs they generate can be a big problem.

Typical problems can be associated with urban gull and feral pigeon populations. These have increased significantly over the years because of the amount of waste food that is readily available in cities. Congregating in and around public and retail buildings, houses, factories, bridges, monuments, bus stations, warehouses and sport facilities, both gulls and pigeons cause problems with their droppings, nests, noise and the damage they cause to the fabric of a building. Seagulls have also been known to attack people and small pets, particular when they are nesting and protecting their young

The acidic nature of their droppings can be a particular health and safety issue causing slippery surfaces, bacterial problems, and significant damage to buildings and automobiles.

Bird Dropping
Problems with Smaller Urban Birds

Smaller urban birds such as starlings and house sparrows can also be problematical. Their size makes them difficult to exclude from buildings and starlings in particular can accumulate in very large flocks around city centre buildings.

This is a particular problem for bird fouling and their droppings carry a wide range of parasites and bacteria which can be harmful to humans. The bird droppings can also cause serious damage to stone and metalwork.

The blocking of gutters and the large accumulation of nesting materials with its accompanying insects and mites can also cause damage to a building and even cause loss of business if a situation is not dealt with promptly.

At Total Bird Control we have many years experience dealing with a range of urban bird problems so if you are looking for a bird control solution then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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