If you live in a property that has a balcony or work in a commercial premises with one, then having problem birds like pigeons or seagulls consistently perching on your balcony can be a real nuisance. If left unattended, they can cause quite a bit of damage and worse still, they may even decide to nest there!

Seagulls and pigeons will bring insects and other small prey to your balcony and leave a lot of unpleasant debris for you to deal with. Also, the acidic nature of their guano can cause your balcony to corrode and create a health and safety hazard. And then there’s the noise. The constant screeching of seagulls and the persistent cooing of pigeons can drive you to distraction.

So, with this in mind, if you are constantly plagued by birds on your balcony and they are starting to cause noise, damage and pollution problems then it’s time you enlisted some help.

Bird Spikes and Bird Netting

So what’s the best thing to do to keep them off your balcony?

Here are a couple of great options for you:

Bird Spikes – putting bird spikes on your balcony will act as an excellent deterrent. Bird spikes make it extremely difficult for birds to perch, roost and nest. The spikes are available in different sizes depending on the type of bird that is causing you the problem so please ask us for advice

Bird Netting – this is also very effective. Netting can cover a wide area and will stop birds from entering and perching on the balcony.

Both of the above are RSPB approved so you can be rest assured that no harm will come to the birds; they simply act as a deterrent. For more advice about bird problems then please do not hesitate to contact Total Bird Control.

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