Picture11-225x300Our Gardenbusters division has recently carried out large scale treeworks to remove dead and dying trees/tree limbs within a residential area of Bromsgrove, in order to make safe and protect the health and safety of residents, general public and nearby properties.

The work, which was completed over a one week period, was organised such that all felling/pruning was carried out on a Saturday, in order to minimise any health and safety risks to the general public.  All working areas were cordoned off for safety of the public, and ‘look-out’ ground staff were also put in place, to help prevent any unauthorised access to the working area.

A variety of trees were worked on, including a Scots Pine that was hanging over a public car park, which a ‘two man team’ brought down in sections.  A large dangerous limb was removed from a Beech tree and a Silver Birch was also pruned.  We were also requested to pollard a Lime tree which had been previously badly pruned. The debris from these trees was then removed over the following five days.

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