Bird mess on public walkways can cause a serious problem as not only is it unpleasant to step in, left unchecked it can become a serious slip hazard.

bird spikes and pigeon spikes


Whether the walkway is privately owned and on a company’s grounds or a public access route, once the problem has been flagged up it really should be dealt with.

While the laws on public liability are wide ranging, it is certainly the case that if you run a company that includes an outside area it makes sense on every level to make sure that it safe.

Bird mess is usually of little consequence, but it becomes a real problem when you have large numbers of pest birds making their home on or near to your property.

When roosting in large numbers, pigeons and starlings in particular, can create a serious and very unpleasant mess.

How to tackle problem bird waste

If you have been unlucky enough to have pigeons make their home over a doorway or in a rooftop that acts as a bridge over a pavement the mess can very quickly get out of hand.

The problem and the solution are, of course, twofold – dealing with the mess itself and the cause of the mess.

Bird waste is known to be a risk to human health so any clean-up operation should always be carried out by a professional bird control service. The bacteria found in bird mess can lead to potentially very serious infections, including salmonella and psittacosis.

As the infections are often airborne and can be inhaled it is important that bird mess is cleared up by experts who are fully aware of the health and safety implications.

Once the area has been decontaminated it is important to take steps to remove the source of the problem by deterring pest birds from returning. Spikes and netting are very effective at making areas inhospitable for pest birds and should offer protection in future.

Make sure pest birds do not leave you with dangerous walkways that could pose a risk to members of the public or your workforce.

Contact Total Bird Control to arrange a site decontamination or to install pest bird control devices at your property.

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