Birds can sometimes be a pest in the garden so here are some quick self-help tips about DIY bird netting that you can try in order to control the problem yourself.

bird netting

Bird netting is an excellent option for stopping birds and other wildlife from destroying trees, flowers, fruit, vegetables and newly sown seeds in your garden. If you are a keen gardener then birds can be a real pest so bird netting is a good way of protecting your garden and all your hard work.

Bird netting is made from nylon netting that is fixed to a wire rope frame that is pre-tensioned. This stops the birds from going through it and also makes it very difficult for them to land and roost on.

Frames for bird netting are available in different sizes to match your needs and if you intend to erect the bird netting yourself then we recommend that the bird netting is suspended at least 6 inches over seed beds, plants, bushes etc that you want to protect. This will stop the birds from perching on the netting and giving them space to insert their beaks to reach your plants.

The Netting can either be stapled tightly to the frame or fixed using cable ties and held to the ground using strong steel pegs. The fittings that come with our range of bird netting are made of extremely durable stainless steel or galvanised steel so you can be rest assured that the netting is highly durable and will stand the test of time.

Bird netting is available in different mesh sizes depending on the type of bird you are trying to stop. If the prospect of erecting your own bird netting sounds daunting and you need help then please get in touch. At Total Bird Control we can supply and fit a wide range of bird netting for your needs. All of our netting is RSPB approved so no harm will come to the birds.

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We are sorry but we do not supply bird proofing materials to the public.

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