Pigeons are fascinating birds, but when they settle on your property or on your business premises in large numbers, that fascination can soon turn to irritation. Fortunately, there are some good DIY pigeon deterrents on the market that can help.

keep pigeons out of garden with pigeon deterrents

First of all, you can set up barriers. For instance, many people rely on anti-roosting spike strips that are usually placed on the roof even though you can place them literally anywhere you want. These spike strips are found in almost every garden centre and diy store. Observe and find out where pigeons like to roost and place the spikes accordingly.

For large commercial buildings like warehouses and stadiums, then pigeon netting can be a good option. This should stop the pigeons from congregating in the eaves and the rafters.

Some DIY pigeon deterrents only work in the short-term, but they are worth trying. One of these deterrents is the use of reflective items like reflective tapes, foil balloons, and noise devices. These items can be effective in scaring pigeons away but they can sometimes ruin the aesthetic look of your property which puts some people off. Another popular but short-term solution is the use of fake hawks or owls which are predator birds and natural enemies of pigeons. Once again, these can help to scare pigeons away but often, over time, pigeons can get used to them being there and realise that they are not real.

If you are looking for a long-term pigeon control solution, then please give us a call. We will carry out a site inspection of the problem area and advice on the best way forward.





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