Flies are undoubtedly one of the most infuriating pests for both domestic and commercial properties. There are however, effective methods that you can put in place to prevent them entering your property, one of which being the introduction of screens for the windows. As a common point of entrance, installing a fly screen on the windows of your property is one of the simplest preventative methods that will see the best results. Here at Pest Busters we have a number of high quality products for those requiring fly screens Wolverhampton.

All of our fly screens are made using the most reliable and durable materials to ensure that you receive long lasting usage. With aluminium made frames with a resistant coating for external use alongside the fine mesh screen, you can effectively keep out the unwanted flies from your property.

For commercial properties such as restaurants, bars and pubs where the impact of flies is even more serious due to the diseases they carry, you can rest assured that all fly screens from us at Pest Busters are compliant with the latest hygiene legislations.

Furthermore, the easy to wipe clean surface means that you can regularly clean away any dead flies to maintain a hygienic and healthy environment to prepare and serve food.

Fly screens can be fitted over a wide variety of windows that may differ in their size and shape. With the ability to also fit over multiple opening windows, you can guarantee that you are doing your utmost to prevent flies from causing a problem in your property.

So, if you are plagued by flies and are looking for a cost effective method of preventing them entering into your property, a top of the range fly screen may well be the answer. To resolve your problem by purchasingfly screens Wolverhampton, simply get in touch with a member of the Pest Busters team via one of the methods on the ‘Contact Us’ page of our website.

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