In 2009 we were asked by FHM to carry out pigeon proofing Birmingham and clearance work on 3 high rise flats in the town of Wolverhampton.

FHM-Photo-300x200Each flat was 20 stories high and consisted of 6 balconies on each floor this was a total of 720 balconies. Each balcony underwent decontamination to be cleared of pigeon fouling and treated with disinfectant in order for other contractors to safely carry out concrete repair work and window replacement. Once the repair work had been done we carried out a second spray treatment ready for our team to carry out the pigeon proofing work.

Due to the size of the building all work had to be carried out using a mast climber.
The bird proofing consisted of a mixture of bird netting and bird spikes. For the bird netting, fixing brackets were installed at 1 metre intervals. A 2 mm galvanised wire rope was used with barrel strainers at each end to take up any slack then black 50mm polypropylene nets were fitted to straining wires on all of the balconies.

The job was finished off using bird spikes glued on the window sills between each balcony to give total protection.

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