pigeon-controlWith the increase in solar panels being fitted to roofs and with many new builds giving the option of having them installed, bird problems under solar panels is starting to become a real issue. At the moment it appears to be pigeons that are nesting under solar panels the most but other varieties of birds have been discovered too. It’s even predicted that squirrels will start setting up homes under them!

Birds have always congregated on roofs and unfortunately solar panels have supplied them with a ready made home so this was a problem that was waiting to happen.

Birds will inevitably cause damage to the solar panels and the amount of guano they produce causes major issues too and stops the solar panels from performing effectively.

So what can be done?

To counteract this problem we can provide you with a bird mesh solution. Bird mesh can be used to seal up the area under the panels and clips directly on to them, covering the entire solar panel area. Bird netting can also be used but this is not as strong as using the mesh.

An alternative solution is to place bird spikes along the edges of the solar panels to deter them from entering.

If you are currently experiencing pigeon problems under your solar panels and don’t know what to do then please give us a call on 08000 35 1000 or do visit here. We will arrange to visit your property, assess the problem, and advise on the best solution.

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