When birds nest at your property there are many reasons why you may be looking to move them on; from the damage caused to the property by their droppings to the noise they create, there is no denying the nuisance birds can cause. Aside from the annoyance, there is another reason to call in professionals in bird control London as birds can pose serious health risks to people through the spread on disease. If you are looking for help regarding bird control, now is the time to call upon our expert team here at Total Bird Control.

With many diseases carried by some birds, it is of paramount importance you get in touch from the moment the problem is discovered. Whether it is a commercial or domestic property, we have a range of methods to implement which provide effective results for all.

Transmissible diseases carried by birds are multiple with each carrying different levels of severity, so read on as we take you through just a few of the associated diseases.


This is a fungal respiratory infection which, if left untreated, can spread throughout the body. The symptoms of this disease include fever, chills, chest pain and shortness of breath.


Found in the intestinal tract of pigeons, this fungus can cause serious health problems when inhaled. Symptoms include blurred vision, nausea, skin rashes and swollen glands to name just a few.

E. coli

This type of infection is found to be spread by pigeons as well as cattle and drinking contaminated water can be potentially fatal. The symptoms associated with E. coli are severe abdominal pain followed by diarrhoea which may contain blood as the infection creates sores in your intestines.

There are many potential health risks within homes and business premises that require the help of a specialist; from bird control to damp proofing London, always ensure the necessary steps are taken to avoid such risks and retain a healthy environment.

If you would like to know more about our expert bird control London, browse through our website today for further information.

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