During the warmer months flies can become a real problem throughout the UK. Whilst an annoyance for most; in restaurants, pubs and hotels they can have a severe effect upon business. No one wants to be enjoying a leisurely lunch or drinks with friends in the local only to have a fly buzzing around them. That is why we at Pest Busters supply heavy duty fly screen doors Birmingham for both domestic and commercial clients.

Hygiene is the main reason why commercial business owners should invest in a fly screen or other product that can control these insects. Alongside general measures, these items are a cost effective way that individuals can ensure that their company complies with health and safety regulations. They also reduce the need to use insecticides and other chemicals in close proximity to food and drinks.

We at Pest busters supply a wide selection of fly screen doors Birmingham and those for use on windows. These can be installed on to almost any window or door creating a seamless effect that will not affect the appearance of the property.

At present we supply sliding screens, central pivot screens, chain link curtains, plastic strip curtains, two-way screen doors, mesh curtains and patio screens which are perfect for use in domestic properties. We also offer three fly killers that have been designed for commercial use in kitchens, these attract flies to their UV lighting system where they are subsequently killed by the high voltage grids.

To learn more about the ways that you could prevent flies from being an issue in your premises or to view working images of the fly screen doors Birmingham, take a look at our website. We offer a one stop shop for all of a business’s pest control requirements including rodents, insects and birds, for all enquiries fill out our contact form.

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