There is nothing more concerning than finding evidence of rodents within your property, however with so many different ways for rats and mice to enter it’s important homeowners recognise ways in which they can prevent their home becoming victim to rodent infestations. We at Pest Busters are experts in the control and removal of mice Birmingham, so have provided a few tips to ensure you keep them at bay.

Keep your home structurally sound:

This is the number one method of preventing mice from existing within your property. They can squeeze into very small spaces and live there with limited water and food which therefore makes them very difficult to get rid of. If you’ve seen signs of mice being present, take a good look at your property and call in the professionals to seal off any potential entry points, regardless of how small.

Keep clean and sanitary:

This is an obvious point which most people already know, but unfortunately is not always followed. Keeping waste food, debris and rubbish present both in and near your property is sure to provoke interest from unwanted visitors. Dispose of everything in the best way possible by using bins and ensuring they are closed tightly.

Of course, you may be past these points and need ways to actually rid your home of mice and rodents. We at Pest Control have effective methods, but if you are in need of a solution urgently just to keep family members safe from harm or sickness, then traps may be an option for you to consider.

We at Pest Busters are here to help you with any rodent or mice Birmingham control problem you may be experiencing and we can also advise you on where to turn should you be in need of a bird control Birmingham service.

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