Well known for their fearless ability to swoop in and steal food from the hands of tourists seagulls can be a real problem to food retailers and tourism spots throughout the year.

Freshly served ice-cream cones, picnic sandwiches or fish and chips – these natural scavengers are not picky about the choice of foods and will strike at every opportunity.

If you are operating a tourist attraction, cafe or restaurant in an area that is frequented by seagulls, bird control can be a real problem – and could ultimately threaten your trade.

While takeaway diners can always run for cover, a better solution is to take steps to deter the birds from visiting your property, or making it their home, through efficient bird control

Seagull spikes in particular are an efficient form of bird control that can help to deter these pest birds to make life more comfortable for both the retailer and visitor.

How do seagull spikes help in bird control?

Seagull spikes can be placed strategically along surfaces and on top of areas that would naturally attract birds.

When used for bird control, seagull spikes would be most effective when placed on spots that birds would perch on, waiting to swoop as customers leave with their food.

Pest Birds and Seagulls - bird control services

They can also be used to deter birds from typical roosting spots on a building.

The seagull spikes make the area where they are put in place inhospitable for the pest birds making them a strong form of bird control.

With seagull spikes installed on a building the birds will find the area less appealing.

A strong deterrent

To enhance the level of deterrent seagull spikes can be used alongside other forms of bird control, such as netting as prevention is always better than cure.

If your property has suffered a problem with seagulls the installation of seagull spikes can be an effective way to reduce their presence while specialist cleaning can be carried out to remove bird droppings that can be a health hazard.

Total Bird Control is experienced in working to control pest birds in a wide range of situations and locations as well as offering decontamination services.

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