Birds such as pigeons, seagulls and crows can be a big nuisance when they gather in large numbers. They can create lots of mess, cause damage, carry mites and other bacteria not to mention the noise they make!

A good way of combating this problem is through bird netting. Bird netting is made from nylon netting that is fixed to a wire rope frame that is pre-tensioned. This stops the birds from going through it and also makes it very difficult for them to land and roost on.

Bird netting can be fixed to the building using masonry bolts and clamps and sometimes further support structures are needed to accommodate additional wiring. The fittings that come with the bird netting are made of extremely durable stainless steel or galvanized steel so you can be rest assured that the netting will stand the test of time.

RSPB Approved Solution

Bird netting is an affordable and low profile solution to bird control problems. By creating a physical barrier the netting prevents unwanted birds from entering areas that need to be protected. It’s particularly effective in stopping birds from accessing balconies, recesses and alcoves.

Bird netting can’t be seen from a distance so it doesn’t ruin the aesthetic aspect of the building. It is also silent and eco-friendly because you don’t need any power to operate them.

If your home or business property is plagued by unwanted birds, then bird netting could be a good investment. As well as being used in domestic properties it is also frequently used for sports stadiums, bridges, warehouses, underpasses, eaves and rafters of buildings, large factories, commercial units etc. Approved by the RSPB bird netting offers a humane solution to any bird control problems that you may have and you can be confident that no harm will come to them by having it installed.

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