In today’s society, we are hard pushed to find an area that isn’t populated by pigeons, seagulls and various other types of birds. As much as we may like to watch them from a distance in their natural environment, it can become tiresome when they decide to nest on a property and, if left untreated, their presence can lead to serious problems that could be costly to both your wallet and your health. For this reason, if you find birds are nesting at your property, get in touch with Total Bird Control as soon as the problem arises for cost effective and practical bird control London.

It is a common misconception that bird proofing costs the earth; with our extensive range of knowledge and practical solutions, this needn’t be the case, especially when you consider the damage that could be caused by leaving the birds as they are;

•  Considerable damage to the property due to the acidity in their droppings that could lead to costly renovation on your properties exterior in the years to come

•  Infestations within the property from bird associated insects, this could result in the expense of calling out a fumigator plus loss of business, as it could render you unable to stay in the building for a period of time

•  Problems with flooding due to the droppings and other debris from birds leading to blockages that could cause extensive damage to your property

•  Most importantly, is the cost a bird problem could have to your health. Pigeons are associated with the spread of diseases such as Salmonella, E.Coli and Ornithosis, which could prove fatal if not treated appropriately. For this reason alone, it is essential you call upon our services to rid your property of nesting birds.

With a host of solutions from spikes to netting, you can rest assured Total Bird Control will eradicate your bird problems in a cost effective and efficient manner every time. For the very best in bird control London contact us today or visit our website for further information.

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