Traditionally having birds singing and feeding in your garden is a beautiful sight, however as numbers continually grow and they begin to nest, problems can quickly develop. Whilst it may seem pleasant to have birds landing on the roof or in the guttering of your home at first, as time progresses the problems this leads to can be costly to repair. To prevent it from getting to this stage, we at Total Bird Control can implement a number of methods for bird proofing London to remove the birds from your home.

With an increasing number of birds flocking to gardens in search of food, problems with them landing and nesting in locations where they are not welcome is becoming a common issue. There are however a number of proven techniques that can be used to stop this from happening;


This is one of the most effective methods of preventing birds from landing on small balconies and alcoves of your property. As it is hardly noticeable to the naked eye after installation, you can rest assured that the introduction of small areas of netting in the worst affected areas will in no way compromise the appearance or appeal of your property.

No matter what their size, the netting prevents any birds from getting through to set up nests and is also uncomfortable for them to land or perch on; therefore forcing them to move elsewhere.


Short spikes can be easily incorporated onto the exterior of any building and will effectively prevent all manner of different birds from landing. Installed either by gluing or drilling into the designated area, spikes can be fitted to areas of your property where a large number of birds can commonly be found to perch.

Birds should still be enjoyed in and around your garden however when they begin to cause disruption to a property, combative action must be taken to ensure your health and the structural stability of the property is not affected. For the most effective bird proofing London for your home, call on the team here at Total Bird Control.

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