Pest problems are amongst the most worrying of potential household problems, so if you think you may have a rat in your home it is understandably unnerving as you begin to panic about the associated health risks and potential damage it could cause. By reading through the signs of a rat problem compiled by the experts in rat control Birminghamhere at PestBusters, you can rectify the situation efficiently.

With a wealth of experience in all manner of domestic pest control, you can rest assured that we know exactly what to look for, as well as the most effective methods of ridding your home of a pest infestation.

Take a moment to go through the following signs in order to establish whether or not a rat is present within your home.

Check for Droppings

It is necessary to check all areas of the home, particularly the food cupboards for rat droppings. Make sure you pull out all packets and tins to check right at the back of cupboards and any other areas where food is stored.

Look for Teeth Marks

Marks from gnawing are a classic sign of a rat problem, so for this reason you will need to check for small teeth marks on furniture legs, the edges of flooring and many other areas of the home.

Monitor your Pets

If you own a cat or a dog, pay special attention to their behaviour over the next few days as they may hold the key to discovering the rat. If they become excitable or form an unusual interest in a specific part of the home, it is likely they have located the rat so investigate this area further.

Rats can become a problem for domestic properties at any time, but there are certain elements that make your home more likely to attract the rodents such as an increase in waste. Site clearance Birminghamwill help to reduce the chances of an infestation as a result of excess garden and household rubbish.

To find out more about the expertly carried out rat control Birminghamfrom the team here at PestBusters, search our website today.

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