Whilst the presence of birds can be a source of frustration to many property owners, the chances are you wish to install preventative methods that diminish the number of birds nesting at your property in a humane manner. At Total Bird Control we are able to implement a range of humane yet highly effective methods of bird control Manchester, so for this reason make us your first choice for a one stop solution to your bird infestation.

Once birds have chosen your property to nest upon, the chances of them going away of their own accord are slim due to the fact they use their homing instinct to remain close to the place they hatched; call upon our professional services to move them along in a humane manner.

Bird Spikes

Whilst the name may sound a little brutal, bird spikes are actually a very humane and highly effective way to deter birds from nesting at your building. The spikes are glued to the property and make it very difficult for the birds to land, encouraging them to seek a resting place elsewhere.

Bird Netting

This simple installation of nylon netting creates a barrier between your building and the birds. This form of bird control is also the preferred method for those conscious of visible preventative measures as the bird netting is discreet when viewed from a head on angle.

Bird Trapping

There are cases where a targeted removal may be necessary, under these circumstances you can rest assured that our industry experience and commitment to the welfare of birds ensures minimal distress to the bird, with the trapping procedure being in full compliance of bird control law.

If a bird infestation is left without professional intervention, considerable damage could be done to your property due to the corrosive nature of the droppings. Further to getting in touch with our specialist team, consider contacting a company capable of carrying out concrete repairs if your building has suffered erosion.

For humane bird control Manchester, contact the professional team here at Total Bird Control today for a highly effective solution.

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