Rats are a common problem for many home owners and it’s well known that they carry diseases, including Salmonella, Weil’s Disease and Rat Bite Fever. But did you know that rats can exert a pressure of 7,000 lbs per square inch with their incisors and are capable of biting through steel? Fortunately here at Pest Buster we are and we have experience in humane rat removal Coventry for domestic, industrial and commercial clients.

Whether it’s a lone ranger searching for scraps of food or a group of nesting rats under your cupboards, our fully trained and qualified team at Pest Busters have years of experience and we use the most effective and humane techniques and methods each time to make sure all traces of intruders are removed and quickly eliminated. We also seal any likely areas for nesting, so the pesky vermin don’t return.

Here at Pest Busters, no job is too small for us and we urge home and business owners to get in touch even if they only suspect there may be a rat problem. We are available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week because we understand the importance of keeping your houses and businesses rat free, whatever the time or day. Once we’ve quickly and discreetly removed the problem, we’ll give you peace of mind by providing a full report detailing the action taken and a prognosis for the future.

You may have noticed gnaw marks on your skirting boards or doors, foot prints and tail rubs in dusty areas, unexplained dark smears and marks against your walls or a distinctive musky odour and droppings on your floor. If so, and you want to take advantage of our humane rat removal Coventry then contact one of our friendly team today.

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