Before you start designing how your bird garden should look like, the first thing you should do is to go out and check some of the natural areas and parks near you. By going into parks and natural areas you will get a good sense of what kind of flowers, trees or plants make up the specific bird habitat near your place of residence. Take some notes about which species grow in the parks and other natural places and how those plants are structured. For example, how they form their layers and how some of them occur in very large drifts. Recreating the same growth type by using specific plants from your area is vital if you want to design a bird friendly garden.

Ideas to design a bird friendly garden

Recreating vertical layers when designing your bird-friendly garden can be done quite easily. Start by planting the tallest trees on the periphery of your garden, while larger and smaller shrubs, as well as wildflowers, should be planted closer to your house. Another important thing to pay attention to is to install plants that provide different nutrition for the birds during different seasons.

By limiting the size of your lawn. you will avoid many problems associated with fertilization or mowing.  Try changing the composition of your garden by introducing some native plant species. If you do that, your garden will be much more conducive to garden birds.

Avoid planting non-native, invasive plants which could be dangerous for birds. Also, do not forget to provide a good supply of fresh water for them.  Birds drink water not only when thirsty but also for cooling themselves down in warm months and especially during the migration period. In addition to this, another tip for making a bird-friendly garden is to provide plenty of nest boxes which they will come back every year to use.

Birds don’t have to be pests! Most of the time we are called out to deal with large seagull or pigeon infestations, but with a little control and introducing certain plants and features in your garden, you can enjoy the bird life in your garden instead of it being a burden!

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