bird nestingFebruary and March is prime time for bird nesting and once birds are established in your commercial building then they can be difficult to get rid of. Nesting birds can cause structural damage to roofing, block your ventilation system, cause problems with your gutters and drainage system and create an unsightly and potentially hazardous mess with their bird guano.

Prevention is always better than cure so if you think that your business may be affected by nesting birds then now is a good time to act. At Total Bird Control we can conduct a comprehensive site survey that will identify any potential problems and then provide you with appropriate bird proofing solutions that will help you combat the problem.

Bird Control Solutions

We provide bird control solutions such as bird spikes, bird netting, post and wire systems, and bird scaring devices to help deter birds from becoming a problem. All of our solutions are RSPB approved so you can be rest assured that no harm will come to the birds. They will be dealt with safely and effectively.

If birds have already started nesting on your commercial building and are starting to cause problems then it’s not too late. Give Total Bird Control a call and we will assess the situation for you and give you our professional advice on the best way forward. Depending on the type of bird involved it is sometimes possible to carry out an egg and nest removal programme as long as it is in line with legal requirements.

To find out more about the bird control solutions we can provide for your business premises then please contact us now.

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