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Is it true that bird droppings damage paintwork?

Bird Droppings - cleaning up safely

If you’ve ever been unfortunate enough to find bird droppings on your car – and the chances are very high – you will have no doubt been told to get rid of it quickly before it damages your paintwork.

Is it true that bird droppings damage paintwork?

So should you be worried about the long-term looks of your car after an unfortunate splattering? The answer is yes.

Bird droppings are acidic – they contain uric acid which helps them gain that frustrating bond with anything they come into contact with, especially painted surfaces.

On cars the problem lies in the fact that uric acid in bird droppings bonds with the clear layer that protects the paint and can cause damage to this. The longer it is left on the car the higher the potential for damage – not least because it becomes harder to remove as it dries.

Take swift action

For car owners this is a general inconvenience, which just needs to be dealt with swiftly. For businesses this can be a real pain, after all a car spattered in bird droppings is not going to attract a buyer.

Certain areas are more likely to attract birds, particularly large hedges, areas where there is a lot of waste food and seaside towns.

Running a car dealership or a garage that is unfortunate enough to be close to an area that is a magnet for birds can bring a lot of extra work in maintaining cleanliness standards – and protecting the cars.

Controlling bird droppings at a car garage

Businesses who find that cars are constantly being targeted by birds may be better placed to take preventative action rather than dealing with the consequences.

Bird control measures can be very effective at deterring birds from visiting certain areas, and should eventually discourage them roosting there.

By using bird deterrents such as netting and spikes, concerns about bird droppings damaging cars can be controlled.

Don’t let bird droppings damage cars at your business invest in a long-term solution instead.

For advice on bird control measure please get in contact with Total Bird Control.

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