Solar panels are proving to be increasingly popular as they help to drive down electricity bills and provide greener energy; unfortunately they have also proved popular with certain species of birds. With their rooftop location solar panels can be a natural draw to birds. With a reasonably large expanse for birds to hide themselves under it is not necessarily surprising that they are more than happy to make their home underneath solar panels.

Why would you need bird proofing on a solar panel?

Once in place solar panels should largely take care of themselves, however, if they become home to pest birds this may not be the case.

One of the major problems associated with pest birds is the mess that they make. Any birds roosting in one area, particularly in larger numbers will leave the area blighted by faeces.

 bird proofing solution

As such if you have birds roosting underneath your solar panels expect the roof area and possibly some of the panels to get covered in bird mess. There is also the problem of noise as numerous birds roosting on your roof will make their presence heard.

How can I protect my solar panels from birds?

Fortunately there are a number of solar panel bird proofing measures that can be put in place to help to keep birds at bay.
As with other areas of the home, or at industrial premises, carefully placed deterrents will eventually make the area inhospitable to pest birds.

One solar panel bird proofing solution is to put bird netting in place around the base of the solar panel. This will block the area and stop birds from returning – or prevent them from making their home there in the first place.

This measure could be either reactive in the event of birds having already become a problem in solar panels, or could be put in place as a preventative measure. Spikes are another solution that could be applied to the roof to deter birds from landing there. These have been proven to work well to deter pest birds from returning and are widely used.

Both options provide a humane solution for solar panel bird proofing that are effective and will have minimal visual impact.
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