To prune or not to prune? That is the question, get it right and pruning can greatly enhance the health and aesthetics of your tree, get it wrong and you could end up significantly damaging the tree and its potential. If you want to know how to properly care for your tree, our expert team here at GardenBusters are the people to call; we have the knowledge and experience to ensure your tree is always kept at its prime so it can be enjoyed for years to come. Read on as we take you through our top tips on tree pruning Warwick.

The following questions and answers aim to aid successful and safe tree pruning:

When is the best time to prune my tree?

It is best to wait until the later months of the year if your tree is deciduous. This is because during the spring time, your tree is likely to bleed sap if cut, by waiting until later in the year your tree will be inactive and much easier to prune. However, it is important to remember that some types of deciduous trees bleed sap for most of the year, so it is best to prune these in the summer after fresh growth has been given a chance to stabilise.

How do I prune a younger tree?

The first year is an important period of time for a young tree, and pruning is necessary to promote health and vitality. It is advised that during the first year, a third of the lowest growing branches are removed.

Can I prune the tree myself?

It is always best to leave extensive pruning and tree surgery up to the professionals, especially if pruning requires the use of a chainsaw or climbing up to get to higher branches.

With a committed and fully qualified team on hand to perform any level of tree pruning Warwick, we at GardenBusters are proud to offer a service that surpasses our competitors by miles. We offer regular service routines to maintain your site, ensuring all trees are healthy and flourishing. For further information on our extensive range of services, visit our website today.

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