While we all love the environment and the natural wildlife it supports, sometimes our lifestyle attracts unwanted attention from pests and rodents that deface the appearance of a property with its faeces, and threatens the hygiene of the property itself. If you want to rid your property of birds that have taken a liking to your building, then we at Total Bird Control can help. We specialise in bird proofing properties and have a variety of different methods to do this; with bird netting Manchester being the most popular.

Birds are beautiful creatures when they are nestled in the countryside, but for a business property, birds are an unwanted feature of their property. They deface the appearance of the property and are an unwanted nuisance for workers on their lunch break – which is why it’s important you take steps now before the problem progressively gets worse.

Bird netting is very effective; its inconspicuous design means that it can be fitted to the property’s infrastructure without taking anything away from the beauty of the property’s architectural design. The netting fits to the property’s roofing Manchester and because of the taught design (in that is it pre-tensioned) the net itself prevents all types of birds from getting through and perching on the roof of your property.

Furthermore, because of the nylon material used in the construction of the bird netting, the birds do not like to land or perch on the netting itself.

If you are looking to take steps to prevent birds from landing on your property’s recesses, alcoves and balconies then bird netting is the most effective solution to your problem. If you would still like to learn more about the benefits of bird netting, be sure to get in touch with us at your earliest convenience by calling us directly on 01614 527 166.

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