The range of pests that can affect homes and businesses throughout the UK is extensive. As summer approaches rodent, bird and insect populations can grow significantly, causing problems with infestations and nesting. While most of us would never dream of letting an evident pest problem go on unchecked, in some cases it can be difficult to know if a problem actually exists at all. Whether you’re a homeowner or are concerned about your business don’t wait to be sure, contact a reliable pest control Birmingham firm like Pest Busters for help.

Signs of infestation can be minor, but hidden problems could be going on unseen. Droppings and bad odours point to a rodent problem, while itching and bites are the work of insect pests such as ants or fleas. Whatever the problem, by choosing a reliable and experience specialist like us, you ensure that the problem is dealt with first time in a discreet manner.

We’re available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week because we understand that keeping premises’ clean and pest free can be a matter of the greatest urgency. For example, regulations regarding health and safety mean that some businesses could be at risk of breaking the law if pests are not controlled adequately – not to mention the danger of disease.

Here at Pest Busters we use the most up to date techniques in order to eradicate pests, and our expert advice can come in handy for repelling pesky invaders in the future.

After we have carried out work for a client, we issue a full report detailing the action taken and prognosis for the future. Here at Pest Busters, specialists in pest control Birmingham, we urge home and business owners to get in touch if they even suspect they have a pest problem before the potential infestation progresses.

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