In many areas of life it’s often the case that problems go unnoticed until something serious takes place, after which point an investigation into the issue is launched. Here at Total Bird Control, we’re committed to reducing the minor problems that pest birds cause before something more tragic takes place. Whether an industrial or commercial manager, you have a duty to make sure those on site are kept safe, no matter how seemingly improbable the risks. At Total Bird Control we use a number of accepted techniques, such as pigeon spikes Manchester to help achieve this.

While they may look slightly barbaric, the spikes that we can install very rarely cause any harm to pest birds. Their aim is to deter pigeons and seagulls from perching on the property in question, rather than to hurt them. Destroying birds in this way would worsen the problem; instead, our spikes cause birds to relocate their nests elsewhere, leaving your property clean, tidy and disease free.

The beauty of the products we can offer is that they break the mould of traditional spikes. Rather than being unsightly and conspicuous to the eye, we can supply discreet spikes which are positioned in such a way as to be as invisible as possible.

Furthermore, due to their configuration, some of our spikes even deter larger birds but allow smaller garden birds, such as beautiful songbirds, to land on your property. This kind of approach can be ideal in those circumstances where a delicate ecology is at stake.

Here at Total Bird Control, our pigeon spikes Manchester aren’t actually our greatest strength. We believe our level of experience, technical expertise and dedication to serving our customers is what really sets us apart. Please fill out the online enquiry form on our ‘Contact Us’ page to learn more.

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