Everybody knows that pigeons are pests, but you will only realise how disruptive they can be when you find that your property or commercial premises has become home to these pests. Total Bird Control have helped a wide variety of clients to enjoy a home or office which is perfectly pigeon-free, and can use a range of highly effective techniques of pigeon proofing London to deter and ultimately prevent pigeons from roosting at your property.

We have established our portfolio of services to include the most modern techniques and effective methods of pigeon proofing, and our highly experienced team are all fully-trained in the implementation of these various methods. The pigeon proofing solutions we can provide include the following;

• Netting – This is the most effective way to prevent pigeons from setting up home in the alcoves, recesses and balconies that they are so fond of. Combining durable nylon netting with a pre-tensioned wire rope frame, our hard-wearing netting is impenetrable to pigeons, and also makes a very unwelcoming surface for pigeons that are looking to perch. To maintain the external appearance of your property, this netting is also designed to be visually discreet.

• Spikes – Bird spikes can be used to deter a variety of species of bird from nesting at your property, but are particularly effective when you are looking for a way to prevent pigeons from perching on ledges and window sills. Pigeon droppings will not only damage the exterior of your building, but could also pose a risk to pedestrians by making walkways slippery, which is why it is so important to deter pigeons from roosting at your property. Spikes are a versatile technique of pigeon proofing London which can be used in areas where other methods are unsuitable.

• Post and Wire – This simple yet effective system will prevent pigeons from reaching the surface beneath the wire, and as these wires are not particularly pigeon-friendly, these flying pests will soon think twice about landing on your roof or balcony.

Pigeon proofing London is an essential part of building maintenance London, so make sure you contact the experienced team at Total Bird Control when pesky pigeons are causing a nuisance at your property.

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