If problem pigeons have been causing a nuisance at your home, office or factory, then Total Bird Control can provide a simple solution to effectively rid your property of these vermin. Pigeon spikes London are the best way to humanely deter pigeons from roosting at your premises, and our expert team are well-qualified to supply and install these highly effective products.

Most birds are a pleasant addition to any environment, and you may even encourage these feathered friends to your property with a bird feeding station, but pigeons are more of a pest than a pleasure. These vermin bring with them a whole host of problems, from damage to buildings and cars, to the contamination of water and air conditioning systems. Pigeons can even cause a potential health risk, not only through their waste but through the insects that they carry, which is why it is so important to discourage these birds from making themselves at home at your property.

The pigeon spikes London supplied and installed by Total Bird Control are an RSPB-approved way to deter pigeons. They can be quickly and simply drilled or glued to the ledges, windowsills and other perches that pigeons are so fond of, and will make these surfaces unpleasant to land on. This will effectively discourage pigeons from roosting at your property, allowing you to say goodbye to these pesky invaders and enjoy a much cleaner and healthier premises.

We understand that you will be looking for a bird control method which works without detracting from the aesthetics of your property, which is why we have designed our discreet pigeon spikes London to minimise the visual impact on the exterior of your home or office. Our spikes are also flexible, and can be installed where other bird proofing techniques are unsuitable, which makes them a great solution for problem pigeons in a range of environments.

Don’t let pesky pigeons make visitors to your home or commercial premises feel unwelcome. Simply and effectively remove the problem of pigeons by investing in pigeon spikes London from the specialists at Total Bird Control.

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