Birds are often seen as one of nature’s delights, but for some business owners they can become a nuisance that leads to you requiring methods to control them around your commercial premises. It’s suggested that the pigeon is the most common bird to be seen in the UK and with groups of them flocking around town centres, the team here at Total Bird Control are on hand to help control them. If you’re suffering with a bird problem, we have a range of services to help. Specialising in pigeon control Birmingham, we have the ideal solution for you.

There are various combative methods we can put into place to control pigeons; read on as our expert team explain how some of our products work.

Bird Spikes

These are made from a plastic basing and have metal spikes that protrude upwards and outwards. We generally install these on the roof of a building, out of sight, so that you can still maintain the aesthetic appeal of your property. This is an excellent bird proofing method as they will be unpleasant for birds to land on and, because of the way they are made, they are flexible and easy to install in uneven areas; something that rivals other bird control techniques.

Post & Wire

As it says in its name, this method sees a number of stainless steel posts strung together with high quality tensioned wire. Due to this high tension, birds will find it difficult to land on the surface underneath and if they do manage to land, the wires will give slightly so they won’t be able to comfortably stay for long.

Whether you are the owner of a busy bar Solihull or a retail shop, here at Total Bird Control we have a service that is ideal for you. To find out more about our pigeon control Birmingham products, feel free to browse our website or alternatively call one of our team on 0121 695 9076 to discuss your individual problem further.

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