Part of the battle in controlling pest birds on your property is deterring them from visiting in the first place and bird netting is ideal for this.

If your property is in an area that has a problem with pest birds – or the potential for a problem – then taking preventative action makes sense.

A useful way of helping to control birds when they have become established on a property; bird netting is also an excellent way to help to avoid pest birds becoming an issue at your property in the first place.

Bird netting in the UKHow does bird netting work?

Bird netting works by protecting areas from birds by making them inaccessible. If the birds are unable to pass through the bird netting, they are then unable to roost in that area.

The bird netting is attached to a wire rope frame to retain a high level of tension that will act as an effective barrier.

This is an effective way of protecting vulnerable areas of buildings such as corners and roof ledges, but also buildings where large areas need to protected from pest birds, such as stadiums, and warehouses.

As well as protecting buildings, bird netting is ideal for protecting products that are kept outdoors as well as crops.

Bird netting servicesBirds can be a serious nuisance to farmers and can devastate a crop if given free reign. Bird netting will protect larger scale agricultural crops as well as the fledgling crops of amateur gardeners at their home. Bird netting allows targeted areas to be covered in a low profile but effective way.


Bird netting: An effective and discreet solution

As pest birds are not able to land on or roost on bird netting, it makes an effective barrier without creating a blot on the landscape.

The construction of bird netting means that it can be difficult to see from any distance and it certainly does not make a harsh visible impact up close. This allows you to keep pest birds off your property without compromising the way that it looks.

Total Bird Control has extensive, specialist experience of tackling bird problems in a wide range of settings using humane solutions such as bird netting.

If you are concerned that pest birds could target your property, or have an existing problem, contact Total Bird Control to find out how we could help you.


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