In and around the capital, issues with birds both at commercial and domestic properties are a common problem. Whether is through nesting in alcoves and ledges or continually landing and causing mess on buildings and pavements, they can become a major inconvenience for many property owners. Fortunately, we at Total Bird Control can implement various techniques for bird control London aimed at ridding you of birds and resolving the problem once and for all.

We offer a number of solutions for bird control including the following;


Netting is a highly effective technique as it is sized so that no bird is able to fit through it and get to the alcoves, ledges or eves of your property. Its unobtrusive design also means that the exterior appearance of your property will in no way be affected after installation.


Metal spikes can be installed to protrude both upwards and outwards to deter birds from landing and potentially nesting in various parts of your property. Available in differing sizes and strengths dependent on the type of bird you are having problems with, the spikes can then either be glued or fitted directly with nails and screws in the areas of the property most affected.

Post and Wire

The post and wire solution is generally used where bird control is required over a large area such as rooftops. Made up off several wires strung between stainless steel posts, the system provides a barrier preventing birds from landing underneath it.

Bird Trapping

In some circumstances a programme of bird removal may be required. If this is the case, you can rest assured that we at Total Bird Control will conduct adequate planning before completing the programme aimed at minimising the stress of birds whilst always in keeping with pest and bird control laws.

For those properties where significant numbers of birds have been present and have caused structural damage, a specialist in roofing High Wycombe may be required to restore the roofing to an acceptable standard.

With numerous solutions for bird control London, we at Total bird Control can be fully relied upon to implement the most effective course of action to reduce the impact of your problem. For further information on any of our services, feel free to get in touch with our friendly team today.

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