During the summer flies can become a real pest, particularly for those working in the hospitality industry. Not only can they discourage customers from sitting outside and enjoying a leisurely meal, but they are also extremely unhygienic. There are 3.5 million disease carrying bacteria that a fly can transport and they can transmit approximately 30 diseases to man – any health conscious restaurant owner’s worst nightmare. Fortunately, as suppliers of the Viper fly killer Birmingham, we at Pest Busters offer a range of fly control solutions.

Before supplying any equipment to our clients, we like to ensure that they observe a few essential rules, these are checked during an initial survey of the property. These include not leaving food lying around, not leaving decaying items out, checking that all bins have tight fitting lids and checking the drainage in damp areas.

Once we have assessed the property, our team will be able to suggest the most appropriate fly control solutions. At present we can supply fly screens, insecticides, fly papers, fly traps and UV fly killers, which are ideal for use in commercial premises. We supply three varieties of fly killers, the Viper, Cobra and the Liberator.

The Viper is very popular for use in restaurants, bars and canteens, due to its reliability and competitive price. It has a high UV output with 2 x 15 watt UVA tubes, this attracts flies to the Viper. Available in white or stainless steel its design can be streamlined with the kitchen and it can be mounted on the wall, ceiling or it can be free-standing.

As a specialist fly killer Birmingham, we are sure that we will be able to find the very best fly control solution for your businesses requirements. If you would like our team to visit you, just call the number on our site or fill out our enquiry form.

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