At Garden Busters, we recognise the importance of using only qualified tree surgeons to administer any necessary tree surgery Birmingham. That’s why we only employ professional tree surgeons who have the knowledge and experience to assess your tree and carry out the most appropriate course of action. If you are worried your tree may be diseased, Garden Busters are on hand to help.

The common symptoms of tree disease include:

•    Abnormal coloured leaves
•    Spots on foliage
•    Deformed leaves
•    Leaves falling off prematurely
•    Wet, sticky substances leaking from the tree
•    Trunk decay
•    Wood made up of brown and green streaks underneath the bark

There are nearly 100 known tree diseases and symptoms vary between them. Rather than trying to diagnose and treat the tree yourself which can be a lengthy, expensive and dangerous process, call us for professional advice you can trust.

Using their vast knowledge and skill, our qualified tree surgeons can diagnose the problem and discuss possible treatment from pruning to fungicides. There will be cases where the diseased tree is too severe to treat. If this is the case the tree will need removing so as not to cause damage to other healthy trees and plants around it. You can rest assured that our team will safely and efficiently remove the tree, taking the time to ensure every measure is put in place to protect the area around it.

The treatment of diseased trees can involve using chemicals and sometimes machinery such as chainsaws. For this reason you should never try and resolve the problem yourself. Years of experience in handling toxic substances and machinery ensure that Garden Busters treat the problem with the professional experience and care that is absolutely necessary.

By choosing us, you are choosing to put your tree in the hands of a fully insured professional who has been approved by the nationally recognised awarding body, Lantra Awards so you are safe in the knowledge that our service is of the highest quality.

Our services are available throughout Birmingham although we also cover surrounding areas such as Warwick, Stratford, Leamington, Redditch, Kidderminster and Bromsgrove.

For safe, expert tree surgery Birmingham, contact us to arrange a free quote. Comprehensive site surveys with full written reports are available if required. Garden Busters is suitable for both commercial and domestic premises so we can fully cater to your individual requirements

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