Using the correct tree surgery techniques is an essential step in achieving and maintaining your green, pruned paradise, and here at GardenBusters, we’re just the team to make this happen. Equipped with our professional tools and equipment, we’re able to help property and landowners everywhere to keep their trees safe, attractive, and under control, with our specialist tree surgery Warwick service.

Depending on the results which you’d like to achieve from your tree surgery, we’ll use our expert knowledge to choose the best technique for the job. These techniques include;

• Section Felling

• Crown Cleaning

• Tree Thinning

• Crown Reduction

• Cable Bracing

• Lowering

Professional tree surgeons, such as our capable team, will be able to assess the best methods to use, and devise the most successful solution.

Trees can often grow much larger and quicker than expected, becoming a danger or obstacle to those within the environment. Lowering is often a useful technique where the trees have become dismantled over the buildings, providing a safer and neater tree for you to enjoy.

For large branches which are at risk of splitting, cable bracing is the best option, as if left alone, the branches could fall off at any given moment, presenting a significant danger to any unlucky passerby! Branches can often grow weak if they become diseased, or if two limbs grow together. We can recognise these tree hazards and safely remove this danger, so that you can continue to enjoy your garden or premises in peace and assurance.

Is your tree too big and getting in the way of other features of your garden? We can easily reduce the size of your trees using reduction techniques, to retain its shape but also make it a much easier manageable size to deal with.

If you’re wondering what will happen to all the mess once the surgery has finished, there’s no need to worry. We’ll take all waste away with our convenient site clearance service, to ensure your premises are left looking as neat and tidy as possible. For more information on techniques for tree surgery Warwick and how they can improve your trees, contact a member of our team today.

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