The presence of flies can be a nuisance to homes and businesses everywhere. Particularly within environments which contain food, the persistent return of unwelcome flies can become an annoying and frustrating problem. Businesses such as restaurants and pubs may face an ongoing battle, should insects continue to interrupt mealtimes for customers. Here at Pest Busters, we can provide sustainable and effective solutions to rid your home or business of such uninvited visitors for good, with our range of ultraviolet fly killer Wolverhampton.

Ultraviolet light is an excellent method of insect control. Attracting the insects with powerful rays, the light will draw in all insects, diverting them from any nearby food, and keeping those within the area free of pests and able to enjoy their meal. The three fly killers which we offer are capable of creating and sustaining an insect free environment for all;

The Viper

Developed specifically for commercial use, The Viper has 2 x 15 watt UVA tubes, for highly effective insect attraction. Available at a highly affordable price, it can be mounted to the wall, suspended from the ceiling, or free standing, for ideal placement.

The Cobra

As an innovative piece of equipment, UV light shined from the front, top and sides, to provide full coverage for any insects in the area. This will allow you to place the unit wherever you wish, and still receive a high level of success across the given site.

The Liberator

Including 4 x 15 watt UV tubes, The Liberator has a high UV output, for ultimate efficiency. Available in stainless steel or white, this product will provide ultimate productivity.

As the common housefly can acquire and transport 3.5 million disease carrying bacteria, a fly killer Wolverhampton will not only rid you and those around you of the nuisance of flies, but also help to maintain a hygienic environment.

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